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Photo of Lisa Franzen


Lisa Franzen is an Italian – Russian interior designer and artist based in Zurich, founder and CEO of FRANZEN & CASA.

Lisa Franzen graduated, in 2012, from the Istituto Marangoni in London and finalized her study at Politecnico of Milano

with a specialization in public and commercial spaces.

She has been working with and learning from a broad range of respected designers, artists and architects in Milan

before establishing her own studio in Zurich in 2021.

The essence of her work is exalting the natural materials in order to create a timeless design and a timeless simplicity.

The inspiration is found in the mother nature and raw natural materials.

Lisa launches her first collectible furniture in 2022.

The first object, called POMPEI | 001, is a coffee table made of Swiss marble Crtistallina and stainless steel.

With unique aesthetic all the objects are inspired by nature, emphasizing the beauty of the materials and the art of craftsmanship.

Lisa’s objects are currently sold and represented by Galerie Philia and Free Man Gallery.

All objects are produced in a limited edition only.


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